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The large-scale production and utilisation of blue hydrogen will allow local industry in Rotterdam to substantially reduce its CO2 emissions, well before 2030. The focus of H-vision is on the production of blue hydrogen using natural gas and refinery fuel gas. The CO2 that is captured during production will be safely stored in depleted gas fields under the North Sea or used as a building block for basic chemicals such as methanol, for example.

As such, H-vision anticipates the arrival of green hydrogen, which is produced via electrolysis using power sourced from renewable sources like offshore wind farms. This means that H-vision can become the seed of a new hydrogen economy in Rotterdam providing an opportunity to develop itself into a major hub for the production, uptake and trading of hydrogen whilst significantly contributing to the achievement of climate objectives.

In H-vision, parties mainly from the Rotterdam harbor and industrial region, represent the hydrogen value chain, from production to end-users. The conclusions of the H-vision feasibility study, published in July 2019, show that H-vision can deliver substantial CO2-reductions on short term.

Parties in this H-vision partnership are: Deltalinqs, Air Liquide, BP, Gasunie, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, ONYX-Power Rotterdam, EBN, Equinor, Shell, Uniper, Royal Vopak and ExxonMobil.

Het H-vision project is being carried out with the support of the provincie Zuid-Holland and gemeente Rotterdam.

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